About us

Flying model helicopters is one of the most beautiful and varied, but also one of the most technically complex leisure activities. Once you have experienced the fascination of flying a model helicopter, you will usually be influenced by it for the rest of your life and sometimes have “addiction-like symptoms”.

The Heli-Factory was developed from such addicted people. Over the years we, Bernd Bremer and Georg Maier, have got to know each other. From the very beginning we got on well with each other and so a good and effective cooperation lasting for years soon developed.

At the end of 2008 Georg Maier and Bernd Bremer agreed to merge to form today’s Heli – Factory Bremer-Maier GmbH. Thus a company was created which today can proudly claim to be the leading manufacturer of model helicopters with turbine drive worldwide. The constant growth has brought about its success in perfectly built helicopters with optimally adapted turbine mechanics and exhaust systems. Over 90% of the helicopters built are built according to original designs, painted, flown in and then handed over to the customer. Hereby you as a pilot get an optimally adjusted and flying model and benefit from our long experience.

What makes a good helicopter model? We are asked again and again why our models fly so well. This is where our experience comes into play and the fact that every model is built for us at the beginning. In this way we can see where improvements are possible. This results in completely new designed frame sets e.g. for Hughes 500, EC 145, BO 105 and Big Airwolf. This also results in tank systems made of GRP or turbine mechanisms such as PHT 3 L or PHT 3 XL, which are specially developed for each model type. These are the result of the idea of achieving an improved mechanical design of the engine as well as an improvement in the weight distribution within the helicopter. This enables us to build models such as Hughes 500, Bell 205, Bell 212, Bell 412, EC 135 or Gazelle particularly light without adding trim weights.

The less a helicopter weighs, the lighter and better it is to fly. This is the secret of an easy to fly helicopter. Take advantage of our experience and our advice here. Let us give you the best advice.

In 2009 we moved into our new business premises in Lindlar. Here we have 250 m2 production area at our disposal. We would be pleased to welcome you at our premises in Lindlar and show you our production and exhibition.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our company.

Georg Maier & Bernd Bremer
Managing partners