Bell 430

Elegantly and quickly from A to B…

The Bell 430 is an eight-seater, twin-engined, turbine-powered helicopter manufactured by the US company Bell Helicopter.

The design is an extended and more powerful version of the Bell 230, based on the predecessor model Bell 222. The first series production Bell 430 helicopters were produced in 1995. The helicopter is manufactured at Bell Helicopter’s factory in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada.

The four-bladed main rotor is driven by two Allison 250-C40B with fully digital engine control (FADEC). A two-bladed tail rotor is used for torque balance.

The machine is available with retractable landing gear or with skids as landing gear.

Matching kit components


Bell 430

Elegantly and quickly from A to B…

The original model was made according to available documents from Bell.

All GFK parts are produced in 12 moulds. High quality resin systems are used to produce high strength, very light-weight parts which finally result in all parts necessary for the construction of the Bell 430. Some of the wooden frames in the rear boom are already resin-coated in the moulds.

The tail boom is manufactured as a separate part and is resin-coated with the front part of the fuselage.

A set of frames made of high-quality aircraft plywood is resin-coated in the fuselage and takes care of the tank, landing gear and turbine or electrical mechanics.

The finished model has doors that can be opened or pushed like the original.

Windows are fitted from the inside and fixed with superglue.

The landing gear chassis is spring-mounted and electrically retractable or there is also a landing gear available.

The cladding of the turbine-gearbox area is fitted with lock replicas. Various air inlets on and around the fairing complete the scale replica.

Further optional available additional equipment such as cockpit, rescue winch etc. can be ordered separately depending on the model and turns your helicopter into a unique scale replica of your dream helicopter.

The tail rotor is driven by a fix drive with an 8 mm stainless steel tube which is guided in bearings.

The model Bell 430 is completely assembled by us. You can choose between:

– Model ready to build, as an extension model with the desired 3D special parts according to your wishes

– Model ready to fly with drive, RC, the desired 3D special parts and the paint of your choice. Painting can be done with an ageing and traces of use of your choice. All decals will be painted and the whole painting will be sealed with a clear or matt clear varnish at the end.

You can choose between turbine or electric motor drives.

Turbine version with Jakadofsky PRO 6000

In a version for turbines a 3 litre tank is installed.

Electric version with chipper Q 80

We mainly use remote control components from Futaba, PowerBox, Bavarian Demon, Hacker, Savöx and Jeti. The desired attachment of 3D option special parts will be considered according to your wishes.


Bell 430

Mechanics HF-430 for Jakadofsky turbines Pro 6000 (alternatively) JetCat PHT-3-XL-V2 or Hacker Q 80.

Robust mechanics which fit perfectly to the model.

Sturdy GRP side plate screwed onto aluminium bars milled from the solid form the base frame of the mechanics.

An original bevel gear set from Jakadofsky is placed between the distance bars, which was manufactured with high precision and is driven by a main gear made of high-strength plastic. This main gear is designed for the desired speed of the rotor head for the Bell 430 and is specially milled for us from the solid. This ensures 100 % concentricity. The plastic main gear then meshes with the pinion of the centrifugal clutch of the Jakadofsky turbine.

High-quality bearings complement the mechanics and allow for a long service life.

Main rotor head speed 960 rpm.

Tail rotor speed 4800 rpm.

Mechanics for 12 and 15 mm main rotor shafts

All parts “Made in Germany”!!!

Rotor head

Bell 430

The Bell 430 is equipped with a 4-blade rotor head from Heli-Factory.

Construction of the rotor head in full metal without damping. We recommend the rotor-head stabilisation system from Bavarian Demon.

The rotor head is controlled by 4 servos via a swashplate for a 15 mm rotor shaft from Heli-Factory

Manufactured on high-precision 5-axis processing machines according to our drawings and designs.

Extremely good-natured and precisely controllable rotor head Blade handle holder 14 mm

Rotor head for 15 mm main rotor shafts

Rotor head completely assembled

All parts “Made in Germany”!

Swash plate:

Swashplate HF for Bell 430 in large version with driver

Version for 4 servos

Structure completely in metal, all aluminium parts manufactured for us on high-precision multi-axis machining centres according to our drawings and designs.

Swash plate completely assembled

Swashplate for 12 or 15 mm shafts

All parts “Made in Germany”!!!

Rotor blades Bell 430:

Rotor blades 4 pieces finely balanced with a mounting of 14 mm

length 1050 mm

Width 70 mm

Tail rotor with rigid drive:

Tail rotor:

The 2-blade tail rotor is completely made of aluminium with a bevel gear combination 1:1 with a diameter of 23.3 mm. The bevel gears have cyclo-palloid gearing module 0.6 and the tooth flanks are induction hardened.

This gives us sufficient strength for large models with increased torque which the tail rotor has to compensate.

The direction of rotation is designed for the Bell 430, but can be changed at any time by repositioning the gear wheels in the gearbox. Thus, a later conversion to another direction of rotation or another side is possible.
An 8mm hollow drilled, case hardened and ground tail rotor shaft drives the 2 blade tail rotor with steel centre piece and mounted blade holders.

Tail rotor completely manufactured in metal on high-precision 5-axis machining centres for us according to our drawings and layouts.

Blade connection 10mm
With 10mm blade holder fastening screw M4 12.9
Tail rotor completely mounted and gear backlash adjusted.

All parts “Made in Germany”!!!

Rigid tail rotor drive:

Stainless steel tube 8 mm as drive for the tail rotor.

Bearing of the drive in an aluminium tube. Bearing in 3 bearing points.


Bell 430

You can choose between turbine or electric motor drives.

Turbine version with Jakadofsky PRO 5000 or 6000

A 3 litre tank is installed in the turbine version.

Electric version with Hacker Q 80 or Q100


Scale parts

Bell 430

Scale add-on parts that are not included in the kit and must be ordered separately depending on the model.

Available as optional 3 D pressure parts or made of aluminium:

Complete cockpit

Scale front seats

Lighting with position lights incl. holders

Landing light fixed

Extendable landing light

Cabins door handles

Cable Cutter

Windscreen Wiper

Static rescue winch

Rescue winch with function

Searchlight with holder

Antenna Set

Pilot Dolls