Bölkow Kawasaki BK117

The first large rescue helicopter…

The BK 117 is a light twin-engine multi-purpose helicopter that was produced in 1979 by the German manufacturer Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) and the Japanese Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI). The successor model, the enlarged and modernised version BK 117 C-2, called EC145 by Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter), had its maiden flight in 2000. Today, the manufacturer operates under the name Airbus Helicopters. All versions were also built in Japan, the BK 117 C-2 (EC145) and the BK 117 D-2 (H145) are also in production there.

The aim in developing the helicopter was to continue to use as many proven components of the predecessor model Bölkow Bo 105 as possible, but at the same time to keep up with the state of the art and to create more space in the interior. Especially in rescue operations, the cramped conditions in the Bo 105 had proven to be a hindrance at times. The cooperation agreement between MBB and KHI was signed by Ludwig Bölkow and Teruaki Yamada on 25 February 1977. It provided for MBB to develop the new main rotor, including the associated control components, and KHI to develop the airframe and main gearbox. The development costs of an estimated US$100 million were split equally. On 13 June 1979, the maiden flight of prototype P2 of the BK 117 took place in Ottobrunn. This prototype still exists today and can be seen in the Bückeburg Helicopter Museum.

MBB later merged with the French company Aérospatiale as part of Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA) to form the new company Eurocopter, whose product range still includes the BK 117 today – now in the BK 117-C2 variant known as the EC145.The BK117 D2 model was sold under the product name EC145 T2 until March 2015. Since then, the latest T2 variant has been sold under the product name H145. In 2019, an upgrade of the rotor system was introduced. The previously used 4-blade system with titanium head will be replaced by a headless 5-blade system. The ATR (advanced technology rotor) system is said to result in less vibration, shorter blade length, lower empty weight and higher payload compared to its predecessor. It allows the blades to be folded for transport and facilitates baling. This version will be marketed under the product name BK117 D3.

The BK 117 is mainly used in air rescue and intensive care transport missions or as a police helicopter. Equipment packages from the manufacturer or third-party suppliers, such as a winch, are available for this purpose. This also enables the helicopter to perform SAR services in terrain that is difficult to access. In Germany, therefore, the ADAC air rescue service and the DRF Luftrettung have the largest contingents; in Spain, the Guardia Civil; in France, the Gendarmerie, among others, is equipped with the EC145. In some countries it was or is still in military use, for example in Iraq and South Africa or the United States (see UH-145).

Matching kit components


Bölkow Kawasaki BK117

The first large rescue helicopter…

The master model was created according to original documents from Eurocopter. The master model parts were milled in Uriol on a large 5-axis milling machine and then prepared so that the required negative moulds could be created.

The production of all GRP parts takes place in 5 moulds. High-quality resin systems are used to produce high-strength, very light components, which in the end produce all the parts necessary for the construction of the BK 117.

The tail is attached to the fuselage as a separate part via a plug-in tube and can be removed.

A set of ribs made of high quality aircraft plywood is glued into the fuselage and takes over the mounting of the tank, landing gear and turbine or electric mechanics.

Panels are fitted from the inside and fixed with superglue.

The landing gear is equipped with a boarding aid which is attached to the landing gear with scale fasteners.

Optionally, the fuselage can be upgraded with tail panels with rivet replicas, quick-release fastener replicas. This is done after assembly and initial preparation for painting.

Other optionally available additional equipment such as cockpit, LCD monitors, interior seating, searchlight, winch etc. can be ordered separately depending on the model and makes your helicopter a unique scale replica of your dream helicopter.

To optimise the weight, the new tail boom is built in CFRP / GRP and is extremely light with extreme torsional rigidity.


Bölkow Kawasaki BK117

Mechanics HF-BK117 for JetCat PHT-3-V2 or Hacker Q80.

Robust mechanics specially designed for BK 117.

Sturdy GRP side plate screwed onto aluminium bars milled from the solid form the base frame of the mechanism.

An original bevel gear set from Jakadofsky is placed between the distance bars and is manufactured with high precision and driven by a main gear made of high-strength plastic. This main gear is designed for the desired speed of the rotor head for the EC 145 and is specially milled for us from the solid. This ensures 100 % concentricity. The plastic main gear then meshes with the pinion of the centrifugal clutch of the Jakadofsky turbine.

High-quality bearings complement the mechanics and allow for a long service life.

Main rotor head speed 1150 rpm.

Tail rotor speed 6000 rpm

Mechanics for 12 mm main rotor shafts

All parts “Made in Germany”!!!

Rotor head

Bölkow Kawasaki BK117

Rotorkopf :

Der BK 117 wird mit einem 4 Blatt-Rotorkopf von Heli-Factory ausgerüstet.

Aufbau des Rotorkopfes in Vollmetall ohne Dämpfung. Wir empfehlen das Rotor-Kopf-Stabilisierungs-System von Bavarian Demon.

Extremely good-natured and precise to control rotor head with extreme detail and reproduction of the scale view of the rotor head.

Blade handle mount 14 mm

Rotor head for 12 main rotor shafts

Rotor head completely assembled

All parts “Made in Germany”!!!

Swash plate:

Swash plate for BK 117 with driver

Version for 4 servos

Reproduction completely made in metal on high-precision 5-axis-machining machines for us according to our drawings and layouts.

Swash plate completely assembled

Swashplate for 12 shafts

All parts “Made in Germany”!!!

Rotor blades BK 117 :

Rotor blades 4 pieces finely balanced with a mounting of 14 mm

length 875 mm

width 65 mm


Bölkow Kawasaki BK117

You can choose between turbine or electric motor drives.

Turbine version with Jet Cat PHT3-V2 or Jakadofsky PRO 5000 or 6000.

In the turbine version, the scale tank is functionally removed.

Electric version with Hacker Q 80

Scale parts

Bölkow Kawasaki BK117

Scale add-on parts that do not belong to the kit and must be ordered separately depending on the model.

– Cockpit with pilot seats

– Retractable landing light