Starting up a model helicopter can be dangerous. The model in conjunction with a turbine may experience temperatures at the turbine casing of up to 500 C (Celsius) and at the exhaust jet of over 700 C (700 Fahrenheit). This is a real turbine that requires know-how, discipline, regular service and regular maintenance, for your own protection and that of others. If you operate a model, regardless of the propulsion system (electric, combustion or turbine), you must be instructed and the start-up of the model with turbine should only be done under the supervision of an experienced person who can assist you so that mistakes are avoided. If you have a local club or society where training and support is available, we suggest that you join them. Errors and defects in building or operating a model can result in personal injury or even death.

CAUTION! Before operating a model helicopter, you must be aware of the legal requirements. From a legal point of view, a model aircraft is an aircraft and is subject to corresponding laws which must be observed at all costs. The brochure ,,Luftrecht für Modellflieger” (Air Law for Model Pilots) provides a summary of the German laws; it can also be obtained from specialist dealers. Furthermore, postal regulations concerning the remote control system must be observed. The regulations of the respective countries must be observed accordingly.

WARNING! It is your responsibility to protect others from injury. The minimum operating distance from residential areas to ensure safety for persons, animals and buildings must be at least 1.5 km. Keep your distance from power lines. Do not fly the model in bad weather with low cloud cover or in fog. Never fly against direct sunlight; you may lose visual contact with the model. To avoid collisions with real, manned or unmanned aircraft, land your model immediately if a real aircraft approaches. People or animals must maintain the following minimum safe distances from a turbine model:

In front of the turbine: 4.5 m
At the side of the turbine: 7.5 m
Behind the turbine: 4.5 m

It is absolutely forbidden to operate the model and/or the turbine under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication, etc. The model may only be operated by persons in the best physical condition. Operation may only take place when in the best physical mental condition and concentration. This applies to both the operator and his assistants.

Your model helicopter has been designed exclusively for model flying and is not suitable for any other purpose.
for any other purpose. Never use it for people or goods or in any other way except exclusively for model flight, as any other use may result in personal injury or death.

Any deviations from the instructions in this manual or those of the respective manufacturers, the use of other parts or materials and changes in construction may have a detrimental effect on functionality and must therefore be avoided at all costs.

The operation of a model helicopter may only be carried out in strict compliance with the instructions in the respective manual. The information regarding the centre of gravity levels and the manipulation of the control surfaces of the model aircraft used must also be observed. The prescribed settings must be observed. Before launching a model, all functions and all control surfaces as well as the range of the remote control system must be checked with the remote control system switched on without the aerial extended (or as specified by the manufacturer of the remote control system).

This operation check must be repeated with the engine/turbine running. In addition, the instructions of the remote control system must be observed.
Compliance with the assembly and operating instructions in connection with the model, as well as the installation, operation, use and maintenance of the components associated with the model cannot be monitored by Heli-Factory. Therefore, Heli-Factory or its employees do not accept any liability for losses, damages or costs resulting from faulty operation, faulty behaviour or in any way connected with the aforementioned. Unless otherwise required by law, Heli-Factory shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever (including personal injury, death, damage to property, loss of revenue or business, business interruption or other indirect or direct consequential loss) arising out of the use of the model. Liability shall in all circumstances and in all cases be governed by the statutory provisions of the Contract for Work.


You acknowledge that Heli-Factory cannot supervise and control the compliance with the instructions regarding the set-up, operation, use of the helicopter, turbine and use of the remote control. On the part of Heli-Factory, no promises, contractual agreements, guarantees or other agreements have been made to persons or companies regarding the functionality and commissioning of the model and its drives. You as the operator have relied on your own expertise and judgement in acquiring this model or drive.