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Dear visitor to our homepage,   We, Georg Maier and Bernd Bremer welcome you to our new website for Heli-Factory of Lindlar Germany.  As you browse through our pages you will be amazed to discover these beautiful scale models of the worlds famous helicopters.  Let yourself discover this amazing passion of piloting scale model helicopters.  Our unsurpassed mechanical design systems combined with advanced 3D modeling technics result in the most satisfying scale replicas.  Please contact us to visit our showroom or to discuss the various possibilities of this amazing hobby. Let us build your dream helicopter.
The exclusive models from Heli-Factory are available as a kit ready for assembly or as a finished model according to your wishes and then “ready to fly”. Why ready-to-build? We have decided to sell our models only ready-to-build, as this business forms the basis of Heli-Factory. Based on this foundation, more than 20 models and trainers have been built since 1999. Every time we build a model, we see improvements that make the next model better. Most of the models have been ordered ready to fly by our customers. With each model that has been built over the years, we have been able to gain experience and Trix in building, installing electronics and drives, adjusting stabilisation systems, drives and rotor head systems that cannot be summarised in a building manual. With a shell we take away the work that is very dusty (cutting out and creating all openings) and ensure that all frames and connections are optimally positioned and joined. Doors are then fully fitted, hinged or, in the case of sliding doors, the sliding mechanism is fully installed. You can then start with the preparations for painting and take care of the disassembly of your model. For models ordered ready to fly, we then take care of the painting. We carry out the painting ourselves. Here the wishes of the customer can be realised. If you would like a replica with riveting, traces of use (weathering), then this will be realised by us. The final paint, to seal the base coat and the decals, is applied in a spray booth. After painting, we install the technology. We then fit our mechanics with the drives you have ordered and assemble them with rotor head, swash plate, tail rotor system, tail rotor drive, servos and electronics to form a ready-to-run model. The entire helicopter system is mechanically and electronically adjusted and then test flown. Then it is handed over to the customer. The right whole makes a helicopter that flies beautifully. Heli-Factory has an approved model flying field right next to the company and we can test the models directly at our premises and then hand them over.   Our hobby is unique and fascinating. If the helicopter of your choice is easy and precise to fly, the weather is right and you can enjoy a nice flight at the weekend or after work, you have fulfilled your dream.

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