Airbus Helicopters EC 145 fs

The ultimate rescue helicopter…

Eurocopter EC 145 T2 – T3 / Airbus H 145

The BK 117 C2 / EC 145 is one of the most modern helicopters on the world market. It is the successor to the proven BK 117 and had its maiden flight in 2000. Various examples are currently in service within Germany solely for air rescue purposes. Although initially criticised for its overestimated performance parameters, the BK 117 C2 / EC 145 is now appreciated as a very reliable type. Since March 2011, it has also been available with Fenestron and is known as the EC 145 T2 (referred to internally as “BK 117 D2”).

The EC 145 was developed by Eurocopter. Eurocopter is a German-French group of companies and a subsidiary of Daimler-Benz-Aerospace, abbreviated DASA. The Japanese company Kawasaki Heavy Industries, KHI for short, is in turn involved to a not inconsiderable extent in the development and distribution of the helicopter.

After Eurocopter had produced its successful EC 135 helicopter for several years, the company designed a model in the mid-1990s that would combine the characteristics and advantages of the BK 117 and EC 135. Essential elements of the EC 145 look like a mix of the EC 135 and the BK 117. In line with Eurocopter’s corporate philosophy, the manufacturer’s new child was given the alias “EC 145”. This is the name under which the product became known. Strictly speaking, however, this development was initially and officially called “BK 117 C2”. In principle, it is still a version of the BK 117, even though the EC 145 is a new model in itself. However, to list the product as a variant of the BK 117 has advantages in terms of type certification and pilot ratings.

While the cockpit and essential elements of the modern technology are taken from the EC 135, many design components such as the tail boom including the exposed tail rotor were taken from the BK 117. The EC 145 therefore does not have the shrouded “Fenestron” tail rotor familiar from the EC 135 and SA 365.

The EC 145 is larger than the BK 117; it also has a maximum take-off weight of 3,585 kg (7,904 lb), 150 kg higher than the BK 117 C1. In Eurocopter’s extensive product range, it finds its place between the BK 117 C1 and the EC 155 (the EC 155 is a further development of the SA 365) in terms of maximum take-off weight.

Matching kit components


Airbus Helicopters EC 145 fs

The ultimate rescue helicopter…

The master model was created according to original Eurocopter documents. On a large 5-axis milling machine, the master model parts were milled in Uriol and then prepared so that the required negative moulds could be produced.

The production of all GRP parts takes place in 11 moulds. High-quality resin systems are used to produce high-strength, very light components, which in the end produce all the parts necessary for the construction of the EC 145 T 2 – 3 or M.

The tail is already provided in the moulds with a mounting guide tube ( 50 mm diameter ) to attach the tail boom to the fuselage as in the original. The corresponding mounting tube is already fitted accurately in the fuselage in the moulds.

A set of ribs made of high quality aircraft plywood is glued into the fuselage and takes over the mounting of the tank, landing gear and turbine or electric mechanics.

The finished model has doors that can be opened or slid like the original.

Windows are fitted from the inside and fixed with superglue.

The landing gear has the boarding aid which is attached to the landing gear with scale fasteners.

The fairing of the turbine-gearbox-area is equipped with replicas. Various air intakes on and around the fairing complete the scale replica.

Optionally, the fuselage can be upgraded with tail panels with rivet replicas, quick-release fastener replicas. This is done after assembly and initial preparation for painting.

Other optionally available additional equipment such as cockpit, LCD monitors, interior seating, searchlight, winch etc. can be ordered separately depending on the model and will make your helicopter a unique scale replica of your dream helicopter.

The tail boom can be made removable as an option.

The connection between the mechanics and the tail rotor is made by a multiple ball-bearing rigid drive. If the tail boom is to be detached, generously designed coupling systems take over the plug-in connection.

To optimise the weight, the new tail boom is constructed in CFRP / GRP and is extremely light with extreme torsional rigidity.

The model is completely assembled by us. You can choose between:

– Model ready to be built, as an extension model with the desired 3D special parts according to your wishes.

– Model ready to fly with drive, the desired 3 D special parts according to your wishes and the painting ..received.

You can choose between turbine or electric motor.

Turbine version with Jakadowsky PRO 6000

Electric version with Hacker Q 80

We mainly use radio control components from Futaba, PowerBox, Bavarian Demon, Hacker, and Jeti. The desired installation of 3 D option special parts will be considered according to your wishes.


Airbus Helicopters EC 145 fs

Mechanics HF-H145 for Jakadofsky turbines Pro 5000 and PRO 6000 or Hacker Q80.

Robust mechanics specially designed for EC 145.

Sturdy GRP side plate screwed onto aluminium bars milled from the solid form the base frame of the mechanism.

An original bevel gear set from Jakadowsky is placed between the spacer bars. It was manufactured with high precision and is driven by a main gear made of high-strength plastic. This main gear is designed for the desired speed of the rotor head for the EC 145 and is specially milled for us from the solid. This ensures 100 % concentricity. The plastic main gear then meshes with the pinion of the centrifugal clutch of the Jakadowsky turbine.

High-quality bearings complement the mechanics and allow for a long service life.

Main rotor head speed 980 rpm

Rear rotor speed 4600 rpm

Mechanics for 12 and 15 mm main rotor shafts

All parts “Made in Germany”!!!

Rotor head

Airbus Helicopters EC 145 fs

Rotor head variant T2 and M:

Scale replica of the 4 blade rotor head (Bo 105 head) with rigidly mounted blade connection shafts.

Replica completely manufactured in metal on high-precision 5-axis machining centres for us according to our drawings and designs.

Extremely good-natured and precise to control rotor head with extreme detail and reproduction of the scale view of the rotor head.

Blade handle mount 14 mm

Rotor head for 12 and 15 mm main rotor shafts

Rotor head completely assembled

All parts “Made in Germany”!!!

Rotor head variant T3 :

Heli-Factory 5 blade rotor head with rigidly mounted blade connection shafts.

Structure completely made of metal on high-precision 5-axis processing machines manufactured for us according to our drawings and designs.

Extremely good-natured and precisely controlled rotor head

Leaf grip holder 14 mm

Rotor head for 12 and 15 mm main rotor shafts

Rotor head completely assembled

All parts “Made in Germany”!

Swash plate:

Swashplate HF for EC 145 T2 – T3 and M in large version with driver

Version for 4 servos (35 kgcm servos)

Reproduction completely made in metal on high-precision 5-axis-machining machines for us according to our drawings and layouts.

Swash plate completely assembled

Swashplate for 12 or 15 mm shafts

All parts “Made in Germany”!!!

Rotor blades

Rotor blades 4 pieces finely balanced with a mounting of 14 mm

length 1000 mm

width 60-70 mm


Airbus Helicopters EC 145 fs

The … blade Fenestron is completely made of aluminium and has a gear with a bevel gear combination 1:1 with a diameter of 23.3 mm. The bevel gears have cyclo-palloid gearing module 0.6

And the tooth flanks are inductively hardened.

Turbinenversion mit Jakadofsky PRO 6000

Bei einer Ausführung für Turbinen ist ein 3 Liter Tank verbaut.

Elektroversion mit Hacker Q 80

Wir setzen hauptsächlich Fernsteuerkomponenten von Futaba, PowerBox, Bavarian Demon, Hacker, Savöx und Jeti ein. Der gewünschte Anbau von 3 D Option-Sonderteilen wird nach ihren Wünschen gerne berücksichtigt.


Exhaust system for the turbine:

Exhaust system in stainless steel design adapted to the needs of the turbine and model. Heli-Factory produces the exhaust system itself, as far as possible in double-walled design. An additional insulation made of aluminium-coated glass fabric is applied to those places where a double-walled design is not possible.

Scale parts

Airbus Helicopters EC 145 fs

Available as optional 3 D pressure parts or made of stainless steel tube:

Complete cockpit with front seats

Functional LCD monitors for cockpit

Rear seats

Getting started

Landing gear shock absorber

Lighting with position lights incl. holders

Landing light fixed

Extendable landing light

Cabins door handles

Cable Cutter

Windscreen Wiper

Rotor head fairing

Exhaust pipe made of stainless steel with double pipe exhaust outlet

Static rescue winch

Rescue winch with function

Searchlight with holder

Camera with holder

Antenna Set