In this section of our homepage we would like to report on interesting events and innovations concerning our helicopters. This includes events & trade fairs as well as reports & experiences of our customers with our helicopters. You are welcome to send us articles, pictures and videos by e-mail.

Airbus Helikopters H145 "ARA"

19 December 2020

We are proud to complete our latest project with the Airbus Helicopters H145 “ARA”. Many hours and all our knowledge have gone into this model and so we look forward to seeing the smiles of our customers when they take delivery of the helicopter shortly.

Agusta A 109 SP "Da Vinci" Maßstab 1:4,8

16 October 2020

Here we proudly show our Agusta A 109 SP “Da Vinci” scale 1:4,8, rotor diameter approx.2,30 meters. The winch and head cover are still missing.

RuFuselage kit: Agusta A 109 SP “Heli-Factory”.
Mechanics: PJ-Pro short “Heli-Factory
Turbine: PRO 6000 “Jakaodofsky
Rotor head: 4 blades “Heli-Factory
Main rotor speed: approx. 968 rpm
Rotor blades: S65 x 1010mm left “M-Blades
Servo swashplate: 4x SV 1270 TG “Savöx
Tail rotor: 2 compact blades “Heli-Factory
Tail rotor speed: approx. 5808 rpm
Servo Tail Rotor: SV 1273 TG “Savöx
Flybarless: AXON “bavarianDEMON”
Cockpit: “Scale Printmpfbausatz: Agusta A 109 SP “Heli-Factory”
Mechanik: PJ-Pro kurz “Heli-Factory”
Turbine: PRO 6000 “Jakaodofsky”
Rotorkopf: 4 Blatt “Heli-Factory”
Hauptrotordrehzahl: ca. 968 U/min
Rotorblätter: S65 x 1010mm links “M-Blades”
Servo Taumelscheibe: 4x SV 1270 TG “Savöx”
Heckrotor: 2 Blatt kompakt “Heli-Factory”
Heckrotordrehzahl: ca. 5808 U/min
Servo Heckrotor: SV 1273 TG “Savöx”
Flybarless: AXON “bavarianDEMON”
Cockpit: “Scale Print”