With the Heli-Factory “finest selection” class (Heli-Factory fs for short) we are once again setting new standards in scale building that are in no way inferior to the original.

With the fs Collection, Heli-Factory has opened a new chapter for scale helicopters. For these models, new master models have been built with all the details of the original helicopters. All rivets, screws, sheet metal joints, covers, fasteners and add-on parts can be found on the models. Add-on parts are produced using the 3D printing process and result in components that are indistinguishable from the original.

In order to keep the weight of the fs models low, the fuselages are produced in a CFRP-GFRP sandwich construction with ribs partially inserted in the mould.

The exclusive models from Heli-Factory are available as a kit ready for assembly or as a finished model according to your wishes and then “ready to fly”.

Why ready to fly?

We have decided to sell our models only ready-to-build, as this business forms the basis of Heli-Factory. Based on this foundation, more than 20 models and trainers have been built since 1999.

Every time we build a model, we see improvements that make the next model better.

Most of the models have been ordered ready to fly by our customers. With each model that has been built over the years, we have been able to gain experience and Trix in building, installing electronics and drives, adjusting stabilisation systems, drives and rotor head systems that cannot be summarised in a building manual.