Sikorsky S58 fs

Our largest helicopter model…

The Sikorsky S-58 was a US-American piston-engine submarine hunting and transport helicopter. In the United States Air Force, the S-58 was uniformly designated H-34 from 1962 onwards. With a crew of two men, the transport version could carry up to 16 passengers or 1350 kg of cargo or, in ambulance service, eight wounded persons on stretchers.

In 1950, the United States Navy put the Sikorsky S-55 into service, which demonstrated the potential of helicopters in submarine hunting. In 1953, a helicopter was therefore ordered to replace the S-55. It was required to have a greater range, a higher weapon load and to be equipped with a submersible sonar. Sikorsky responded with the prototype XHSS-1, which first took off from Bridgeport, Connecticut on 8 March 1954. The design was similar to the S-55, but the S-58 was significantly larger.

The first production model of the S-58 took off on 20 September, and the U.S. Navy’s U-Hunter helicopter was given the designation HSS-1 Seabat. The transport helicopter version was used by the United States Army from 1955 as the H-34A Choctaw, and from 1957 by the United States Marine Corps as the HUS-1 Seahorse. In 1962 the designation system was unified and the S-58 was uniformly designated H-34. The U-Jagd versions were renamed SH-34, the Army flew the CH-34 and the Marine Corps the UH-34.

The helicopter was produced about 2800 times between 1955 and 1970.

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Sikorsky S58 fs

The largest helicopter in our product range!

The scale replica of the Sikorsky S 58 model in 1:4 scale is available as a body-in-white model with complete mechanics including drive motors, main and tail rotor, rotor head with swash plate and approved rotor blades for main and tail rotor. This against the background that the finished model must be approved. The necessary documentation and preliminary tests are fulfilled by all delivered components. The documentation is therefore complete.

More than 60,000 rivet replicas are mounted on the hull next to sheet metal replicas. The hull is made of 16 m² carbon fibre fabric and is painted silver in the moulds.

A special feature are the connection fittings on the fuselage and the wheel hub of the landing gear which have been reproduced in a 3D printing process using metal scale.

All openings are made, the door is slidable and the engine fairing can be opened as in the original. Where in the original there are grids to protect the openings, you will find these grids on the model. Model equipped with fuel filler neck, access steps, grab rails and holder for position lights.

The necessary frame set made of aircraft plywood is resin-coated in the model and fits the available electro-mechanics. The frame set meets the requirements for later approval.

The model is standing on the completely assembled landing gear with the corresponding wheels. The two main wheels are already equipped with the scale replica of the brake system.

The necessary mechanical connection from the mechanics to the tail rotor is done by a flex-shaft. This shaft was adapted to the necessary torque of the tail rotor and fulfils the specifications of the later acceptance of the model.

Mechanics, tail rotor with drive shaft completely installed.

The appropriate lighting system for the model with position lights, strobe lights, landing lights is already installed and the cables end in the engine compartment.

Battery compartment system under the engine compartment cover made of GFK for 8 batteries of 16.000 mA 6 S each, already installed.

Certification certificate for the main rotor blades as well as a list of further possible installation components such as selection of possible servos, electric controller for the motor, battery sizes and types, battery backer systems are included in the kit.

We recommend certification via the DAeC. You can also order the approval as a service via Heli-Factory after completion of the model.

The model is delivered in a specially made wooden box with the dimensions ……… x ………. x ……… mm and a total weight of approx. 130 kg.

Price from Heli-Factory € …………….. plus 19 % VAT for countries of the European Community = € …………………

Optionally, the model can be produced by us ready to fly, including acceptance by the DAeC with the paint of your choice and with the scale add-on parts of your choice.


Sikorsky S58 fs

Completely assembled electro-mechanical system for the Sikorsky S 58. Mechanical system designed for 2 drive motors, make Hacker Q 100.

Each motor is equipped with a separate freewheel for maximum operational safety.

The gear consists of two stages which are realised by belts with the corresponding belt wheels.

Ein zusätzlicher Freilauf im Hauptgetriebe sichert den Freilauf des Hauptrotors im Fall das eine Autorotation geflogen werden muss.

Seitenplatten der Mechanik aus hochfestem GFK und mit Lagerleisten, Distanzleisten aus Aluminium bestückt. Hochwertige Kugel – und Drucklager werden in den Lagerleisten eingesetzt.

Die Mechanik mit den beiden Antriebsmotoren ist ausgelegt das im Ausfall von einem Elektro Motor das Modell auch mit einem Motor ein sicherer Landeanflug ermöglicht wird. ( die max. Leistung eines Motors mit 10 kW über 15 Sekunden reichen hier aus). Über die Möglichkeiten der heutigen Telemetrie müssen Sie sicher stellen das Sie die Meldung erhalten wenn ein Motor oder ein Regler auf Störung geht. Nach dieser Meldung müssen Sie dann umgehend den Landeanflug einzuleiten.

Die Mechanik ist im Modell fertig eingebaut

Technische Daten:








Preis ab Heli-Factory € …………….. zuzüglich 19 % MwSt für Länder der Europäischen Gemeinschaft = €Side plates of the mechanics are made of high-strength GFK and equipped with bearing strips, spacer strips made of aluminium. High quality ball and thrust bearings are used in the bearing strips.

The mechanics with the two drive motors is designed so that in the event of failure of an electric motor, the model can be safely landed even with one motor. ( the max. power of a motor with 10 kW over 15 seconds is sufficient here). With the possibilities of today’s telemetry you have to make sure that you get the message if a motor or a controller goes on failure. After this message you have to start the landing approach immediately.

The mechanics are completely installed in the model

Technical data:

Rotor head

Sikorsky S58 fs

Replica of the 4-blade main rotor head made of high-strength aluminium. Central piece manufactured in one clamping on a 5-axis milling machine.

Rigid rotor head system with blade bearing shafts 20 mm diameter

Rotor head for 25 mm main rotor shaft, blade connection 22 Mm

Max. Speed 750 rpm

Rotor head only in combination with approved rotor blades

Rotor head ready mounted , painted

Technical data:

Rotor head diameter 600 mm

Blade retaining screw M10

Fastening to the rotor shaft with 2 x M5


Rotor blades

4 main rotor blades made of GFK with certification for models up to 150 kg MTOW

Dimensions: S 105 x 1800 mm length at 1150 gram weight per rotor blade

Blade connection 22 mm , blade connection screw M 10

Max. Speed 650 rpm

Swash plate

Reproduction of the swash plate after original photos for 4 blade main rotor.

Made of high strength Aliminium

High quality ball and swash charger are installed.

Design of the components for a non-destructive disassembly of the ball bearings.

Swash plate ready mounted , painted

Swash plates diameter 160 / 230 mm

Linkage rods to the servos and to the blade holders with left/right threads M3

Tail rotor

For the Sikorsky S 58 we were able to use the available tail rotor in industrial design to meet the requirements of the certification. In connection with the high-strength Flex shaft from Swiss production we get the tail rotor with drive to operate a 4-blade tail rotor with a diameter of 690 mm.

Housing made of high-strength aluminium with the mounting for the control servo.

Tail rotor ready mounted, painted

Technical data:

Tail rotor diameter 690 mm

Shaft connection 8 mm

Bevel gear set 31.4 mm diameter module 1 cyclo-palloid toothing with inductively hardened tooth flanks

Tail rotor shaft 10 mm

Blade connection 10 mm with M3 fastening

Blade bearing Shaft 4 mm High strength

Speed 3650 rpm

Tail rotor blades 4 pieces S52 X 300 mm

The tail rotor is driven by a flex shaft with 8 mm diameter.


Sikorsky S58 fs

Drive 2 x chipper Q 100 with 10 kW (maximum power for 15 seconds)

Rotor shaft 25 mm (hollow shaft)

Rotor head speed 575 rpm

Tail rotor speed 3650 rpm.

The mechanics with the two drive motors is designed so that in the event of failure of one electric motor, the model can also land safely with one motor. (The max. power of a motor with 10 kW, over 15 seconds, is sufficient here). Using the possibilities of today’s telemetry, you must make sure that you receive the message when a motor or a controller goes into malfunction. After this message you must then immediately initiate the landing approach.

The mechanics are already built into the model.

Scale parts

Sikorsky S58 fs

Scale add-on parts that are not included in the kit and must be ordered separately depending on the model.